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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Jax's Preschool

This is Jax on his first day of preschool this year. He was so excited for it to start. It started the first week of September so he had to wait for 3 weeks after Emma started and lets just say he was less than patient! He was so excited to start using his backpack again!
We are so blessed to have the most amazing preschool right here in our neighborhood. I mean, I literally can see the home from my back bedroom window. Just down the hill. Ms. Jani's Cottage Preschool is amazing and she is the best teacher. Both my kids loved it and Jax couldn't wait to get started again this year. This is Jax explaining his All About Me Poster to his class and to Ms. Jani.

His poster was all about blue and trains. Surprise...surprise. He did such a great job I was so proud of him and his art work.

Have a great year in school this year bud! Love-Mommy and Daddy

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