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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Lagoon, Take 1

One of the last days of June we took a family trip to Lagoon. This ended up being one of many trips we would make this summer. This time we did Lagoona Beach with the kids. Jax isn't too big on water so he and I pretty much sat on the edge of the kiddie area the entire time. But Emma, being the dare devil she is went on all the water rides with Ryan. Jax standing in front of what he calls the broken train.
Emma and Jax on the kiddie boats. Emma was such a sport to go on these rides with Jax, seeing that her favorite ride is Wicked. Her motto is the faster and more loops a ride has, the better it is.
A quick family photo op in front of the carosel at the night. Not often we all get to be in the picture together.

Trax to Gateway

In June when Nana first arrived we decided to take Jax on his first ever trax train ride. Yes...I know the child who is OBSESSED with trains is just now taking his first trax ride. Well, go ahead and call me a bad mom. This is a picture of Jax in front of one of his two favorite things in life, the train track. The only other thing better is the train itself. Emma playing in the fountains at Gateway, in downtown SL.
Emma on the ride home on trax.
Jax and Nana on the trax train ride home.

Water Stand

That's right, I said water stand...not lemonaid stand. Emma and one of her friends on the street decided they'd get together at the beginning of June and do a water stand. They got a few water bottles, some shot glasses, and made a sign. They charged $1 per shot glass size cup of warm water and made about $10. The poor people didn't even get to keep the glasses when they were done drinking. Thank goodness they are both adorable, or else their water idea never would have taken off.

Jeepin' With Dad

One of Emma's favorite things is going jeeping/camping with Ryan. At the beginning of June she went on his jeeping trip to Hole in the Rock Trail. It is an old pioneer trail down around Lake Powell in Southern Utah. They went for 3 nights and slept on the trail. She was such a trooper and loved every minute of it. She is definitely her father's daughter. ;-) This is a picture of Emma and Ryan with one of her prizes from the trail. This time she came home with a cow's foot/bone, and a horse's hoof with the horse shoe still attached. Lucky me. This is Emma over looking Lake Powell.
Emma and Ryan on the last day waiting for the ferry to take them back across Lake Powell. While they all waited they took a much needed and deserved swim.
Emma and Ryan on their drive home. Look how happy they are. Now we just gotta get Jax old enough and Mommy will start looking forward to these trips too. ;-) Ry, thanks for taking her and making such memorable moments for her and you and for giving me more pics to blog.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Last Day of Kindergarten

This was Emma's last day of kindergarten. I think I was more sad than she was. She was actually really excited about the idea of no school for 3 months. I was a little scared thinking about having to entertain her all day. But then I started thinking about having her home with Jax and I all day and was really excited for the summer too. I didn't realize how much I missed her, even for only a few hours a day until she was home with us again. Man I still can't believe she's going to be in 1st grade. She's getting so big and there's nothing I can do to slow it down. This is a picture of Em and one of her best friends, Daixa on their last day. Daixa came over all morning and we curled their hair and painted their finger and toe nails to be all ready for the fun, big day. This is Emma and her kindergarted teacher, Mrs. Hillman. She was so wonderful and patient with Emma and her quarkey ways. Thanks for being such a great role model to all your students.

Cheese Ball

So over the past several months, Jax has discovered that when you say the word "Cheese", someone takes your picture. He LOVES getting his picture taken, even if his smile sometimes looks very forces. And then he LOVES having you immediately show him the picture so he can admire himself. This was one of those said moments.

The Last Unicorn of the World

At the end of the school year, Emma's school did a young author's night. They had each child earlier in the year right and illustrate their own book. Then the school had the books set with hard bound covers. We got to go to the school on one of the last nights and all the books were displayed. She was so proud of her book, "The Last Unicorn of the World". She reads it to anyone and everyone she can get to listen to her. I'm so proud of her for all her many talents.