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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

How do I top this next year?!?!

For Emma's 6th birthday party she originally wanted to have a horse themed party. Then she tweeked it to wanting a Hannah Montana/Horse birthday party. Well how do you incorporate both those items, so we had to pick just one. So I made a few phone calls and we were fortunate enough to get "Miss Hannah Montana" to come and Rock Out with all the girls. This is all the girls waiting, not so patiently for Hannah to make her debute.
Hannah came in and all the girls got totally quite, they were so in shock that they didn't quite know what to do or say. It was the first time I've seen that many little girls in one place all speachless.
Hannah posing with the girls. Unfortunately not all of the girls were there yet, but we got most on them in the group shot.
Hannah and the girls Rockin' Out!!
They were learning a dance with poses.
Emma was speachless when "Hannah" wanted to get her picture taken with her.

After the dance and singing session we broke into 3 groups. One group decorated purses that we had gotten for each girl to take home, one group painted our nails, and the other group got to play outside for a few minutes. Splitting into smaller groups made each project less stressful and each girl got to take her time at each station. It turned out so great.
Hannah stayed and sang Happy Birthday to Emma with all of us.
She even helped us enjoy a cake with her picture on it.
The party was a complete success and the girls are still talking about how "Hannah Montana" came to Emma's birthday party. Now I'm just worried about how I will ever live up to such a fantastic party in the future. Oh well, at least I have an entire year to start planning.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Two Teeth Down

Emma lost her second tooth. Her other tooth, again, was already coming up behind the tooth. So we had to wiggle it ALOT and get it to come out. She was really afraid this time around and we couldn't figure out why, when she was so easy going with the first one. The Tooth-Fairy came that night and left her treats for being so brave. We are hopefully going to be more proactive about any more teeth that need to come out and get them out BEFORE the other teeth are already coming in. She is getting so big and loves when her teeth fall out. As you can see from this picture she had just gotten done crying about having to pull it out. ;-)

Happy 6th Birthday Emma

It was Emma's birthday on Sept. 5th (I know I'm a little behind). The Birthday-Fairy paid another visit to our home and decorated Emma's bedroom during the night. She is so creative and surprises Emma every year. Here is just one area of Emma's room that she decorated with special bows. Since we were going to do a bigger party with her friends we just made a little piece of Gluten Free cake just for Emma. Unfortunately Jax blew out the candle before Emma even had a chance so we had to re-light it for her to blow out. I don't know if you can tell or not, but my sister found these awesome candles that the flame burns the same color as the candle. They look really cool when you have a bunch together and can really tell the difference.
Nana and Pampa got Emma a Hannah Montana doll and horse. She is in love with HM right now and it was perfect for her. I can't believe she is already 6. She is getting so big and she is becoming my absolute best friend. I love hanging out with her and being together.
Emma's favorite dessert is vanilla ice cream with rainbow sprinkles. So we took the family to Baskin Robbins for a yummy cool treat. Emma got her favorite of course.
Jax chowed down on Ryan's ice cream, but pretty much ate a little of everyones. It was such a fun day.
Emma also loved taking in treats to her Kindergarten class and sharing with all her new friends.

Kindergarten-First Day Pictures

Emma's been in kindergarten for about 6 weeks now and is loving it. I'm slow, I know, but here are pictures from her first day back in August. My mom was in town helping me with my recovery and was so great and got Em dressed in her first day outfit. I did her hair and then my mom took Em since I was barely able at that time to get up to use the restroom.
Emma looks so cute. She has a beautiful scab on her nose from falling on the Davis' trampoline. Thanks again Martina for taking Emma for the week while I was in the hospital.

Emma and mommy before leaving for school. This was my bed and recovery chair for almost 4 weeks after the surgery. Thank goodness for Lazy Boy.

Emma and one of her best friends, Daixa, waiting for the school bell to ring. They are so big and so adorable.
Emma and Nana on the first day, just before leaving for school. She is such a great girl and we are so incredibly lucky to have her in our lives and to get to be her parents. We couldn't have asked for anything better and more loving than her.