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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Chugga-Chugga Snow Choo-Choo

Our kids and dogs LOVE the snow. So with the last snow storm they took the opportunity again to play outside. Their favorite thing is when Ryan plays snow train with them. He goes first and they have to follow in his footsteps. After a little over an hour of playing outside, Ryan gave Jax one more ride and then they all came inside to thaw out with warm hot cocoa (one of Emma's favorite cold weather treats)!
Seeing their joy makes putting up with the snow and cold that much easier!

Monday, November 2, 2009

The Mis-Adventures of Jax Brimley

The other day we went to help at Emma's school and had some time left over before she was out so I let Jax play on the playground and he was in heaven. The only problem now is that every time we go to the school he thinks he gets to play. He is getting so big it makes me sad. So freakin' cute!!
He wouldn't even think about letting me catch him on the slide so all I could do was get a quick picture of the event.

Autumn Splendor

One of my favorite things about owning a 60 year old house isn't the constant remodeling we are always working on, it's our beautiful mature trees. I have to say they are probably my favorite thing about my house. Right now Ryan is saying he hates the trees. But there is something to be said about how beautiful my yard looks with the brown and gold leaves that are scattered all around. Although this is coming from the person who lives here that doesn't clean them up every weekend in October and November. Thanks Ry for putting up with the mess. Jax is helping Daddy rake the leaves. Although I think he made more of a mess than he did actual cleaning.
Emma looks forward each year to piling the leaves and taking running jumps into them. This is only one of the small piles we've collected this season.


I don't know about you, but I personally LOVE autumn and the holidays in this season. That is until I have put the Halloween costumes on one too many times. This year we did the church Halloween party, Emma's Waterford Institute party (her computer class she takes), her school costume parade, trick-or-treating at Ryan's work, and then finally Halloween night. All of these events were on seperate days too. Plus Emma's cute friend Carlyn, who lives down the street, is having a post Halloween birthday party and Emma get's to get one more use out of those tights that I love putting on and taking off. I guess I should be grateful that we get ample use out of our costumes each year though. ;-) We had a really fun Halloween, despite my tantrum. I love watching the kids get all dressed up and seeing how excited they are for each new experience. We had fun at all the parties and Emma is already talking about what she wants to be next year and then the year after. As long as there are no tights involved! Hope you all had a happy Halloween too!
Emma and her foofy witch costume!! It's one of my favorite costumes she's had yet.

Aarr matie!! Jax was a pirate again this year and just like last year he wouldn't keep his hat on. I love having such a small peanut that can get 2 years worth of wear out of one costume!