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Monday, December 14, 2009

Weekend in Providence, UT

This last weekend we went up to Providence, UT (it's right next to Logan) and spent a fun and snowy time with Ryan and Martina Davis and their family. Emma was in heaven to be with her best friend Grace. The guys took Emma and Grace on the 4 wheelers and sleds on Saturday and this is the result when they came back. All of them were soaked all the way through their snow clothes. The girls had bright red faces, but man they had a great time. Saturday night we went to their ward Christmas party and it was fabulous, great job Martina (she was in charge)!! This is Emma and Grace enjoying the YUMMY food!!
The theme was Christmas around the world and they had a production of different people performing things from around the world. Emma and Jax loved watching all the different dances and songs.
Thank you Ryan and Martina for letting us invade your beautiful new home for the entire weekend. We had so much fun and LOVE spending time with you guys. We miss you and can't wait to do it again!!