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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Happy Last Day of April...I mean November...I mean April?

I just thought I'd share what we woke up to this morning...oh yeah, it's 6 inches of fresh snow. How exciting, especially on the last day of April. The only good thing about spring snow is that it usually is melted by the end of the day.
The potted tree is a new wheeping cherry we just bought last night that we were planning on planting today...guess it'll have to wait until Monday.

View from our front door. That front corner is where our new tree is going. It will replace the old weeping cherry we had to take out last year due to old age, it was almost 70.

Picture of some of my poor tulips all shivering in snow.

Well happy spring to us! Gotta love when spring soccer games are canceled due to snow. You'd think I'd be used to this kind of crazy weather by now, but really I'm just not.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Duds

I love Easter, and one of the things I love about it is new Easter clothes. I also love the fact that we always remember to get a new family picture in before said new Easter clothes. Our cute little family hangin' by our daffadils in our backyard.
Ryan and I actually remembered to get a picture of just us for once.

Our sweet little ones.

I loved their smiles/laughs in this one.

She is getting so big, it still surprises me when I see new pictures of her.

This was pretty much the look he gave in most of his pictures.

Or this one, where he was trying to be funny and give himself bunny ears.

Hope everyone had a fabulous Easter holiday with friends and/or loved ones.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Morn

Our neighborhood does an annual egg hunt and pretty much the entire neighborhood participates. We end up using the whole Rainbow Dr. to accomplish this fun event. Once the hunt is over then one of our fabulous neighbors allows us to use their driveway and we have a big pot luck breakfast. It's been a fun tradition that our family looks forward to since moving in almost 5 years ago. Jax and his buddy on our street.
Emma and her friend in our neighborhood.

Easter morning E.B. (Easter Bunny) leaves candy filled end for the kids to find and fills their decorated bags with goodies.

Emma and Jax with the eggs E.B. left for them to find.

Emma and Jax decorating their Easter eggs. This event became a messy one this year and most of my 10 fingers are now stained either pink, blue or green.

Ryan and Jax decorating the sugar cookies.

Jax's token cookie ended up being a frosting mountain. He was so excited to see how high he could get the frosting. Yummy!

Emma decorating her G.F. cookies.

Friday, April 22, 2011

My Top Picks

Okay...so I always love hearing what other people love to use and can't do without, so here are a few of my top picks around the house that I will always rebuy or won't go without. 1. It took me a long time, years to be more specific, to finally find a mascara I LOVE. This is Studio Fix Lash by Mac. I seriously haven't found a better mascara and I have tried almost everything from the cheap-0 to the expense-o. It makes my lashes look amazing without the spider leg look and it washes off easy, but doesn't rub off throughout the day...worth EVERY penny.

2. This is something my sister got me started on. It's a product made by Laura Geller and I order it on QVC. It's called Spackle and it's an under make-up primer. It seriously makes my make-up stay on all day, which is hard to do since I use mineral make-up and it tends to fade faster than nasty liquid make-up. Anyway, this stuff is awesome and you can even get it with a tint for winter months when you need a little color. Also, it makes my skin feel really soft...added bonus.

3. Okay, I know everyone is partial to their I-phones, but I love my Blackberry Torch and wouldn't trade it for any I-phone. It has the ability to be a touch screen, but it also has a slide out keyboard which is actually how I like texting since I use my fingernails to type with and you can't do that on the touchscreen. It is super easy to use, but has so much I haven't even discovered yet. The only draw back is that it doesn't have an Angry Birds app...but it does have one similar called Angry Farm and my kids love it.

4. In February we started a mini kitchen make over. I got some new appliances and this is one I can't live without now. It's my Maytag Gemini double oven. My hubby ran a gas line from our basement through the floor into our kitchen so that I was able to upgrade from an electric stove to a gas one too. I LOVE...LOVE...LOVE my gas/double oven.

5. This is my favorite pair of shoes. They are cute, comfy, stylish and for every pair you buy, Toms will donate a pair to kids that don't have shoes. They come in TONS of colors and designs and they seriously are THE most comfortable shoes EVER!! I even wear them with casual skirts and they look super cute. The leather insides also allow your feet to breath without them sweating. I bought a pair for my hubby too and he wears them to work with khakis and now hates all of his other shoes.

6. This is my Clarisonic Mia...need I say more? This was one of my pricier items, but SO worth EVERY penny. My hubby got it for me as a gift and it as seriosly changed my skin. It's what the stars use and I totally see why. It feels like a mini facial twice a day and you can use any skin cleanser you want to use. Love...love...love this product.

7. About 6 months ago I finally decided I needed to start using actual skin cleanser instead of just basic soap. Well, actually my friend/neighbor was horrified to find out I used bar soap on my face and then proceeded to explain to me why my skin was so dry. Duh...I guess I just never took the effort to realize. So one night this Cindy Crawford Meaningful Beauty infomercial came on tv and I decided to order and try. Now I'm hooked. I love ALL the stuff that it comes with, not everything is shown in the pic above, and the best part is that it comes out as monthly payments and then ships to me automatically every 3 months. I don't even have to think about it and I get amazing looking skin. This plus the Clarisonic have done wonders.

Anyway...those are my top picks right now. What are some of yours that you can't live without? Share and let us all know. They might become some of our favorites too.