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Friday, November 28, 2008

Gobble, Gobble!

We had such a great Thanksgiving! There is so much to be thankful for that I could take up an hour of your time by listing them all. I'm especially thankful for my amazing husband, my beautiful children, and for my faith. I'm also greatful for family, friends and good food ;-). We had a wonderful time with my in-laws this year. It was a quiet, but perfect day! I hope you all had a great day and I just wanted to send my love. Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What is so great about toilet paper?

Okay, so this is what I found when I entered my bathroom this morning. What is so great about toilet paper that makes kids play with it, eat it, or drag it around the house? I guess it's the same concept as giving a kid a cardboard box and they are happy for hours. Now I know what will be under the Christmas tree for Jax, a big cardboard box full of toilet paper.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Once There Was a Snowman or Snowgirl

Emma has been dying for the snow since, well, last winter/spring when it all melted. So last week when it snowed she came running in our bedroom and announced "Merry Christmas" because there was now snow. We had to explain that just because there was snow didn't mean it was Christmas Day. She was a little disappointed, but quickly got over it when Ryan suggested they build a snowman. But Emma didn't want that, she wanted a snowgirl. So here is the result of their interesting snowperson. Looks more like Jaba the Hut to me, but I could be mistake. Emma had so much fun, but then quickly became upset when the weather started warming back up and her snowgirl began to melt. She was even more upset when Barkley, one of our Shih-Tzu's, proceded to use the pile of snow as his pee mound. We however promised her that the next time it snows we'll make another one. She became excited again and we escaped an emotional meltdown. Whew!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Jax's Monkey Crawl

Before Jax was walking and even a little still, he had this insanely fast and hysterical crawl. We nicknamed it the Monkey Crawl. This is only a short clip of it, but he would literally keep up with the dogs. He was so fast and it is so funny that I just had to share. Enjoy!

Sleeping Beauty

Emma has a way of falling asleep in the strangest places. The other day, for example, she fell asleep on her Primary teacher by leaning her head in her hand with her elbow on her teachers knee. She then proceded to start snoring during singing time, ugh! Well, here is a picture I captured of her sleeping in our office in her old booster seat that was upside down. She is all curled up inside of it and she has fallen asleep while snacking on her favorite, Lays Stax. I was working on the computer and only knew she had fallen asleep because the chip crunching stopped and the snoring began. Thanks my girl!

Crazy Face

Ryan's nephew, Sean, taught Jax the face that he is making in this picture. He constantly pulls it and he know that when he does it will always make us crack up. The fun thing about it is that Sean taught the exact same face to Emma when she was the same age and she would always make it to get us to laugh. It is the funniest face and I just wanted to thank Sean for teaching such mind blowingly important things to our children ;-).


We had so much fun "Trick-or-Treating". We finally had the first warm Halloween in 5 years. Thank goodness, you try getting a jacket over a pair of Tinkerbell wings. As you can see, Emma was Tinkerbell, and after wearing her costume to our ward Trunk-or-Treat, her Waterford Institute party, her ballet class party, and her preschool party, the wings had already started to take a beating. Jax on the other hand didn't much care for wearing his costume. I think he threw the hat overboard (over the side of the stroller) at least a dozen times. Plus he kept trying to take the cute little jacket off. But I think I had the cutest Tinkerbell and Captain Hook in history.