him, her, and them...

Monday, November 1, 2010


Emma and Jax getting ready to head out into the rainy weather that was Halloween Night. This is before they added their coats and umbrellas.
Jax loved his Woody costume, except for the hat. He now calls his cowboy boots his Woody boots.

Emma decided she wanted to be scary this year so she chose what else, a dead bride. Um...okay. We had fun making her costume fancy from just a plain white cloth. Even with all the makeup on you can still see her adorable freakles.
Happy Halloween 2010!

Carving Time

Last year we realized as we were leaving to go trick-or-treating that we hadn't carved our pumpkins so we vowed we'd do it this year. Well, we almost forgot again, ugh. Ryan is helping the kids get their pumpkins carved on Sat morning.They loved opening them and looking at the creepy insides that got left behind.
Emma and Jax posing with their Jack-o-Lanterns. Don't ask me what happened to Jax's pumpkin's nose, I'm still trying to figure that one out. ;-)

Gardner's Village

Last week my friend Meredith and I took our boys, who are about 6 weeks apart, to Gardner's Village. I love this place, esp. in the fall. They have it all decked out with pumpkins and tons of Witches. This is Jax and, his best little bud, Brady at one of the many photo perfect spots.