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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Waterford Graduation

For 3 years now Emma has been taking this computer class at Waterford Institute. They develop computer software and offer free classes where they test it out on kids before they use it at their Waterford School down in Sandy. Emma has loved it and is SO sad that she can't go next year. Seeing that she'll be in 1st grade and in school all day. Their teacher Ms. Marj did a little graduation program for all the kids. She had an aisle for them to walk up and then gave them graduation caps and certificates.
Because Emma had been there for 3 years, she was the only one in her class, Ms. Marj also gave her a Princess Grad crown. She was so excited she turned shy.

This is Emma's Ms. Marj. There aren't enough words to say how wonderful and special she is. When we started Emma was really struggling with learning. But she kept helping and encouraging and now it's a breeze. Ms. Marj is one of our favorite people and Emma cried when we drove home. Ms. Marj is caring and loving and we will miss her next year. However when Jax is 4 we get to see her again.

Their graduating class. Such cute kids.

Our carpool group. From left to right, Annie, Emma, Daixa, and Carlyn.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Girl Weekend

Last weeknd I had a much needed girls weekend. This was the first time I've ever had a night away from Jax and only the second time away from Emma. We started Friday afternoon at the spa and Martina and I had a wonderful European facial. My first facial and definitely not my last. It was wonderful. Then we went up to Park City and checked into our hotel. We had a two room suite. We spent the evening on PC's main street and then visiting for hours in the hotel. The next morning we took our time getting ready, made breakfast and then headed for a day of shopping at the outlets. They had some good deals and we had fun finding fun stuff for ourselves and our kids. Then we ended with lunch at the Loco Lizard. What a spectacular weekend with the most amazing women in my life. Thanks for being such wonderful friends!! Thank you Ryan for giving me the time off and for taking such good care of everything while I was gone.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

"Mommy I've Died and Gone to Choo-Choo Land"

Last March when we were in Phoenix we took a little outting to McCormick Ranch in Scottsdale, AZ. It was myself, Emma, Jax, Misty, and Nana. It was as if they made a perfect land for Jax. It was all about trains. We know where we are going from now on each time we visit. Riding the train. It went all around the park.

Looking out the window up in the watchtower.

The kids on the carosel.

There was the funnest playground for the kids. It was a small adobe village.

Posing with the real trains. Em had to hold him toward the camera for the picture. He kept turning around to stare at the train. Obsessed much.

Lucky Day

So for those of you who have seen the movie, The Three Amigos, you will appreciate this picture of Jax. It was a cowboy birthday for one of our darling neighbors across the street last summer. She sent me this picture and every time I see it I roll with laughter. He looks like Martin Shorts character, Lucky Day, in the Three Amigos. Or maybe even the white version of the little Mexican boy who lived in the village they were saving. Anyway, I just had to share my laugh of the day.

Monday, April 26, 2010

The 3 Ring Service Circus

A few weekends ago I was one of 4 incharge of our church Stake Mother/Daughter activity for girls 8-11 years of age. We decided on a circus theme (thank you Jac for the inspiration) and ran with it. We also decided we wanted to do a service inspired theme too. So our theme was then born, the 3 Ring Service Circus. We decorated the inside of the church gym to resemble the inside of a circus tent. We broke the entire group into 3 smaller groups and they rotated stations. Each station represented one of our circus rings. We tied blankets and pillows for Primary Children's Med Center, we made hair accessories for the church humanitarian center to distribute, and in ring 3 we let the mom's and daughters do getting to know you games. Then we ate lunch (circus themed of course) which was hot dogs, chili, chips, and ice cream sandwiches. I think it was a pretty successful party, but I'm also pretty bias. The only bad part of the entire operation was ripping down the decor. What took us a about 6 hours to set up completely (4 on Fri night and 2 the next morning) only took a little over an hour to demolish. Now I know how sad it must be to be a wedding planner and have to watch it all disassembled at the close of the party. Anyway, I was pretty proud of our success and wanted to share with the rest of you who weren't there to see it first hand and be a part of it.

Feeding Time

About a mile from my parents house there is some horse property. One of Emma's and now Jax's favorite things to do is to feed the horses carrots. Do you think Jax loved it?

Last year in preschool:
Ms. Jani-"Emma, what do you want to be when you grow up?"
Emma-"A horse. That way I can take all my friends and family for rides on me."
Think she loved this experience too?

Flegal Christmas Party

Last Dec. my mother-in-law's side of the family did their annual Flegal Family Christmas Party. These are always so fun to attend since you usually get to see people you rarely see thoughout the year. They always do a live children's nativity story and Santa always makes a grand entrance. Emma sitting on Santa's lap.

This year's children's nativity also included myself and my neice Sheena. Our little lambs wouldn't be part of the scene without their original sheep herders. As you can see from the right side of this picture. Our husbands thought it was funny and took plenty of pictures.

We had the laziest little suckling lambs.

Ryan and I were impressed that Jax went right up and sat on Santa's lap and never once got upset or looked scared. I thought I'd have to enjoy another child experience for the night. ;-)

Happy 10th Anniversary

So our 10th anniversary was on Dec. 18th. I still can't believe it's been that long. It doesn't seem like it at all. I'm so grateful to have married my best friend. Ryan is so amazing. He always makes me feel special, loved, and best of all is knowing that I'm his best friend too. We have our disagreements just like everyone else, but we've only ever gone to bed really mad once. And the result was that neither of us ever even fell asleep. Then in the morning we couldn't even remember why we began the fight in the first place. I love him more than words can express and am so happy everyday knowing he's there when I wake and when I go to sleep. Happy 10th Anniversary!