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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Back Yard Love

I have to admit, I LOVE my back yard. I think it is such a beautiful spot right here in the middle of the city. One of my good friends told me she loved it because it was like having our own person park just outside our back door. I love it because it's so green and has the most beautiful big trees and except for the middle of winter we don't see any of our neighbors. This is a look straight on from off our back porch. This is at a slight angle looking slightly north/east.
This is the south side of our property in the back.

In the second picture if you look hard you can see the tops of the fireplace on our lower patio. This is the lower patio that is at the very north/east corner of our property. This is one of my favorite places on our lot! Love having marshmello roasts and just enjoying the quiet!

I have to admit, this yard is a lot of work, but man, in the middle of winter when I look back at pictures like this, it makes every minute worth the effort.

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Fawn said...

oh my your yard is gorgeous!!!