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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Birthday Party

For her birthday this year Emma wanted to take her friends to Classis Skate. For their birthday they birthday kids get to go into the money tank. They have money in this tube and the child gets to colect as much as they can in 60 seconds while a fan is blowing it all around. It was her favorite part of the entire day. Go figure! For the party favor Emma helped me make scarves for all her friends. It's fun to see them all using them this winter!
They also each got Emma's two favorites...Pixie Stix and Unicorn Pops!

Emma blowing out her GF pan of browies. No one even knew they were GF! Sneeky!

Emma with all her friends and some cousins from Phoenix. PS-She doesn't normally wear glasses. She got them as a favor from Classic Skate and she still loves wearing them around. It's the little things in life.

Hope you had a great birthday Emma! We had fun planning it for you!

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Fawn said...

What a fun party :)